Aarón Ruiz @hharry33 (TT) Pizza or sandwich? Beach or mountain? Dog or cat? Series or film? Champions League final or NBA finals?

Pizza, mountain, dog, series, mmm… Probably NBA…


Patricia @Khaleesi_P (TT) How long is your bed? On what side of the bed do you sleep? How many hours do you usually sleep? Do you snore? Do you dream?

I spend more than 270 nights sleeping in hotels, so I don´t know how long it is… The bigger, the better!! Right side, 9-10 hours, I don´t snore (I sleep-talk sometimes). I don´t usually dream.


ArMandoErtaco (TT) Are you afraid of travelling alone being who you are?

I don´t think I am different to anybody else!!! No, I´m not scared…


Javibega 49 (TT) Is it hard for you to live so far away from your family and friends? You´ve been travelling around the world for so many years…

Try and imagine it! It must be hard for any human being not to be with the people who matter most to them 270 nights a year.


hernandezarenes (TT) What is your favorite quote?

“Piano piano, si arriva lontano.”


xbqq (TT) #askAlo Hola! Have you ever imagined what you would have been if you weren’t an F1 driver? Who would you be? What kind of job would you have? What kind of life would you live?

I love sports, so I imagine myself doing a different sport (cycling, football…). If not, maybe I would have studied Mathematics and become a teacher (it was my favourite subject at school)


 Ewa @LillaMyF1 (TT) #askAlo  A simple question: Are you ambidextrous? In some photos it looks like you using your left hand and in others your right one

That’s difficult to answer… I’ve used my left hand to write since I was a kid, but at school, teachers always tried to make me change to my right hand. So I’m a bit of a mix now, I’ve got more strength with my left, I play football with my right, tennis with my left for serving and right for playing… So, as I said, it’s difficult to answer, I guess we can say ambidextrous!!


Francesca Manes (FB) Qual’è la cosa che odi fare di più?

Stirare le camicie!!!

What is the thing you most hate doing?

To iron shirts!!


Nyiraty Szabolcs (FB) Is there any place you have never been and would like to visit?

The North Pole.


javyRayo (TT) Could you define in one word: Spain, Italy, Ferrari, Real Madrid and yourself?

Spain: Life

Italy: Tradition

Ferrari: Passion

Real Madrid: Friends

Myself: …?? Warrior


Xixipetit 35 (TT) Where, when, how and with whom did you start cycling? What do you like more road cycling or mountain bike? Greetings from Mallorca.

I started cycling with my father when I was a child, and then on my own. It´s a sport where you need nothing more than a bike and a helmet to get to know yourself and your body, teach it to suffer and sacrifice itself. I prefer road cycling…


dona_fan… (TT) How many languages can you speak? Good luck for Sunday and for the rest of the year.

Spanish, Italian, English and French.


Asuncion Fernandez Diaz (FB) How many driving licenses do you have? I mean: motorcycles, cars, trucks, planes…

Hi! I have a car and motorcycle licence.


dsg2107 (TT) Why have you waited so long to show the Fernando of now and let another image of you be created?

I think I´ve always shown myself as I am. People that have known me for years usually say that I haven´t changed. In fact, I think that essentially I have the same views as before on important things. Many times when I read my quotes on the covers of newspapers I feel very distant from that character. It’s as if it’s not me. Then you see columns making opinions, signed by people who don’t even know you and have never spoken to you. Between one thing and another, a character has been created which has nothing or little to do with me…Until now…


adferfer 7 (TT) How is your track in Asturias doing?

I´d like to say that it´s going well. The circuit is completely finished. We are talking about the best go-kart track in the world, and something that I’m very excited about for the coming years. But that´s a reality that comes hand in hand with a very different one. The construction of the museum is delayed and I’m afraid that we’re not going to be able to inaugurate the facilities this year, as we would have liked. Every attempt we’ve made to unblock the situation has crashed the current political situation in Asturias. We’re going to continue to wait, but won’t do so indefinitely…


Lidia Baños @lidia_dean (TT) What is the funniest thing the press has said about you?

I´ve got some very good friends that are journalists. It´s a subject that we usually laugh about at almost every Grand Prix. Rarely do you find a week without a dramatic scoop. I´ve had to read how my best friend was flying the plane I crashed with in Kenya, meetings and impossible signings with other teams… So many times people come up to me and say to me: “I know you can’t say anything about it, but I’ve heard that…”. What are you supposed to answer? If  you can´t say anything!! hahaha


Mayte Mariño Alvarez (FB) Which book have you read and said…? Wow!! It’s worth reading again… Good luck for this weekend, Kiddo!

The way of the Samurai, The art of war, and The Assassins´ Bridge (written by Pérez Reverte), they kept me company during the Asian swing. 


Maria Cristina Rama (FB) I guess you are aware of the jokes Buenafuente makes to persuade you to go to his TV show. Will you ever go?

Never say never. If he still has a show on TV in the future…


María Cristina Rama Gómez (FB) Who did you first call after that third position in Brazil 2005?

My mother.


María Cristina Rama Gómez (FB) Recently you said that it was easier to see you winning the Championship, than for Real Madrid to do the double. Are you so sure about it?

This is an example of how they alter what you say. During a radio interview, I was asked the one million dollar question: “What is easier? For you to win the Championship or for Madrid to do the double?” The first thing that goes through your mind is to say that you don’t know and that both cases are very difficult. But as the whole interview has a pessimistic tone and given the car’s performance so far, I said: “It’s easier for me to win”. And you get a good laugh out of it just by seeing the look on their faces! If you listen to the interview that’s the tone and intention of the answer. What you read one day later in big bold letters makes them sell more newspapers but it doesn’t tell the truth.


motoslolo55 (TT) I remember when you used to drive with Antonio Garcia. Were the battles on track more noble than now?

You always fight with everything you can, but it´s true that when you are a child, rules are stricter and you are quickly shown a black flag and they don´t allow you to drive for the rest of the weekend. I´ve been lucky enough to have Race Directors in Asturias and Spain who are very strict with the respect you have to show for other drivers, and that´s basic in go-karting and promotional categories. 


Mike @vernjr_88 (TT) #askAlo  What items have you collected from your career, yours and/or others?

I collect helmets from all the other drivers on the grid, I’ve got a few missing, but I’ve almost got all of them…


Nacho Cifuentes Guerrero (FB) Fer, How many overalls and pairs of boots do you usually take to every circuit?

We take eight overalls, five pairs of boots, five pairs of gloves and four or five helmets every race. Of course we don´t use all of them, so we take them for several races.

I would say that every year we use:

– 14-15 overalls

– 10 pairs of boots

– 15-20 pairs of gloves

– 11-12 helmets


Overalls, boots and gloves are given to the sponsors, auctioned for charity or kept at Ferrari’s Museums. As I have already said, I usually swap helmets with other drivers at the end of the season. I have almost all the helmets of the drivers I have driven with!


theneurotoxin (TT) #askAlo  Do you prefer to be alone just before the start on the grid? We rarely see you giving interviews at that point in time.

I do 2 or 3 interviews every race on the grid!! But they’re normally for Spanish TV. But yes, in general, those moments should be more private and orientated towards preparing…


JuanAr60 3 (TT) Is it forbidden for drivers to practice dangerous sports? Even if you are on holidays…

No. Nothing is forbidden, but we must use our common sense and avoid as many risks as we can, be it during the season or on holiday.


_pichi__ (TT) Have you ever been scared in a car as a co-pilot?

With another driver I don’t think so because they react in a similar manner to what I’m thinking. Perhaps, at some point, with another person or a friend yes, because you don’t know too well if they’re in control of the situation or not…


Susan_H (TT) #askalo   Are you a backseat driver? When you are the passenger, do you like to teach or dictate to the driver how to do it right?

Never. I´m a silent passenger… As long as the driver respects the speed limit and the law, I won’t say anything…


masuareza 45 (TT) Have you traveled a lot around Spain? Have you got any important cities left to visit? (Sevilla, Granada, Santander, etc)

Well…. I’ve got to get to know almost all of them! I’ve been to most of them but only because of work: hotel, airport, promotional act or a race and on to the next destination. So I can’t say I know all of those cities!


ychilly (TT) #askAlo  Fernando, I’d like to ask you… What do you find most enjoyable during a race weekend? Apart from the racing, of course

I enjoy visiting new countries; new cultures that we discover during the year..


Allison Jane Gray (FB) Hola Fernando! What is the best thing you have ever made with Lego?

I haven’t played much with Lego! Not long ago I made a big Lego Ferrari with Ferrari for some photos with a sponsor…


Salvatore Alberico (FB) Salve Fernando, che cosa si prova a passare da una monoposto di F1 ad un “auto stradale” (a meno che non sia una Ferrari) durante i giorni in cui non si gareggia? Ti riesce facile guidare piano per le strade cittadine o conservi uno stile di guida sportivo? Grazie in anticipo per la risposta

Hello Fernando. Is it difficult for you to drive a road car after driving an F1 car? (Unless if it’s a Ferrari and viceversa)

Ciao!! Non e un problema!! Guido con tranquilitá, forze lasciando tutta la adrenalina in circuito riesco ad essere abbastanza calmo alla guida ogni giorno…

Hello! It´s not a problem! I drive carefully, after having left all my adrenaline at the track…