The 2012 world championship is about to start. A little more than 48 hours before the engines start roaring, Fernando is already in Melbourne prepared to compete for his third world championship.

The preseason was particularly short and although the results are promising, Fernando is unable to predict the performance of the new F-2012 once the light turns to green.

 “It is always difficult to obtain conclusions from the tests. Everyone has their own plans, and you cannot make a real comparison. We still have a lot to improve, work on our understanding of the F2012 and adapt my driving style to a new car that is a little more difficult to drive with the loss of aerodynamic load on the rear and the new Pirelli tires.”

 “We know which direction we need to take with regards to the car’s development, and that is what matters. Naturally, we will have to clench our teeth during the first few races, but in terms of competitiveness we must first see where we are, and then do everything we can to obtain as many points as possible during this first part of the championship.”

 “I know enthusiasts always want to hear me say we can achieve certain results, but the truth is we are not sure where we are. We will have to wait until Saturday 6 pm, after qualifying and probably even a little later, until the end of the first race tour outside Europe. I missed the emotions of qualifying, or being on the start grid waiting for the lights to go off, the adrenalin rush on reaching the first corner… basically, I missed everything that makes Formula 1 such an incredible sport.”