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    Fernando Alonso ended his two day testing stint in the F14 T and summed up the second session of the season with words of caution and confidence. “Every day we learn a bit more about the car and its systems. We have made a major step forward compared to the first test and the whole team is working well. Of course there is still a lot to understand and there are many elements we want to learn how to deal with as well as possible. Even the performance seems to be thereabouts, but now’s not the time to try and chase it. It will be a challenge for everyone to be ready for the first race of the season and that is our aim at the moment. There is still time to go looking for lap times. I have to say the team has done an incredible job: things went very well over the winter and we are now halfway through the pre season tests and look in very good shape. Despite the bad weather in Jerez we managed to complete a lot of laps. Here, in two days, we have done 161, so on that front we can be pleased. The work at Maranello has been well done and now it’s down to us to make the most of all its potential.”
    With all the extra technology on this year’s cars, it’s not easy for the drivers to get the hang of so many new things. “I am beginning to learn more about the car, all its systems and finding the buttons is becoming more automatic and obviously that means we can go quicker and improve,” said Alonso at the end of the day. “There are still some small problems which we must try and resolve, just like when you buy a new domestic appliance, but that’s to be expected, given the radical new design. But every time we go out in the car, it gets easier and confidence grows and that’s why I think the most crucial test in performance terms will be the next one.”
    When it came to a hierarchy down pit lane, Fernando would not be drawn. “I don’t think there’s any sense in that. We can say the Mercedes powered cars are competitive, and we can say we are competitive, but I’m sure that at the first race, the Renault runners will also be there. This is only a test and we won’t get a picture of the hierarchy until we are on track for the first Grand Prix in Australia.”

    The biggest question mark at the moment hangs over reliability. “It’s hard to know what could happen in the first part of the season. Reliability will be vital and I dare say that in the first races, getting to the finish will mean you have got a good result. However, there has been so much work done at Maranello that we can definitely aim for that”.


    First day of testing for Scuderia Ferrari and the ten other Formula 1 teams, working from today to Saturday at Bahrain’s Sakhir Circuit.

    The second test session of the year got underway with Fernando Alonso back behind the wheel of the F14 T number 14 car. The team resumed the programme it began in Jerez two weeks ago, working on further checking of all aspects of the new power unit systems and some aerodynamic testing. Today, particular attention was paid to fine tuning the new brake by wire system, to optimise the balance of the car.

    This first day went off without encountering any unexpected difficulties and Fernando was able to complete a total of 64 laps, the quickest in a time of 1:37.879.

    “It’s nice to be driving again, especially when you have more reference points compared to the previous time, which means you get a better feeling for the car”
    – said Fernando to www.ferrari.com – “We are also at a track that is more representative, with normal temperatures, where it’s been easier to understand tyre behaviour. We are in a phase where we are discovering things and with every lap, we learn something new. For everyone, there is still a lot to do to be well prepared for Melbourne, so it will be important to make the most of every day we have available to us.”

    Testing continues at this circuit tomorrow, again with Fernando Alonso on track.

    - See more at: http://formula1.ferrari.com/news/day-testing-bahrain#sthash.f1HRwI7I.dpuf

    Alonso´s first

    Circuit: Jerez circuit– 4.428 km
    Driver: Fernando Alonso
    Car: Ferrari F14 T
    Weather: air temperature 5/18°C, track temperature 6/22 °C. Sunny
    Laps/Kms completed: 58/257
    Best time: 1:25.495

    Fernando Alonso made his first on-track appearance of the season at the wheel of the F14 T on the penultimate day of testing at Jerez de la Frontera.

    It didn’t take long for Fernando to get to grips with the new car. In the morning, he worked on a programme centred on aerodynamic mapping measurement, while in the afternoon work on development continued with particular attention paid to car set-up. It was another profitable day for the Scuderia.

    Alonso completed a total of 58 laps, the fastest in a time of 1:25.495.

    “It’s always nice to be driving again, especially in front of your home crowd” – said Fernando to www.ferrari.com – “I’ve missed it for a few months now, even if I’ve spent hours in the simulator in Maranello and the feeling I got from the track was as exciting as ever. Now we have a lot of work ahead of us, but we have a very big potential to make progress and that’s encouraging.”

    Testing continues at this circuit tomorrow, the fourth and final day of work at the Jerez circuit with Fernando Alonso.

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    Yesterday evening, Cinema City in Paris hosted the FIA Gala evening at which the traditional prize giving takes place to honour this year’s world champions. For the third time in his four seasons with the Scuderia, Fernando Alonso was present as runner-up, a result that had left such a bitter taste in 2010 and 2012, when the title slipped from his grasp at the very last. This year however, the result was accepted calmly, given the clear superiority of the winners as the Spaniard admitted from the stage. “I want to congratulate Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull for their fantastic championships. They had a superb season and deserve these titles. We hoped to make life more difficult for them but they were very good and this is their night.”

    Asked to explain how he always manages to be so competitive, Fernando replied in his usual straightforward manner: “I hate losing! At the start of every year, whatever the situation, the aim is to fight to win right to the end. I love winning and I love motor racing: this year I finished second and there’s no doubt that, being this competitive, I wanted to win as did the team. However, I am honoured to be here today and I want to thank the team for that: let’s hope we can be first next year.”

    Fernando received an ovation when he invited everyone present to applaud two drivers, but more importantly, two friends who were in the room, Mark Webber and Robert Kubica. “Mark and I have been together in Formula 1 for twelve year and we have shared many fantastic moments and we will miss him next year. Robert is doing truly great things in rallying, but we are waiting for him to return to Formula 1.

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    “A podium is the best way to end this long season and finishing behind two Red Bulls almost tastes like a victory, as well as being the maximum we could have done today. It’s a real shame that the much awaited rain didn’t arrive in the end, because in the wet, we would definitely have been more competitive. I did not get away well at the start and I found myself blocked on the outside and then the inside. However, after catching Hamilton and Rosberg, I began to push and my race was all on the attack. Even if we cannot be fully satisfied with this result, because our aim is always to win, I would view the season in a positive light: we did win and get podiums, as well as finishing second in the Drivers’ Championship and these are figures we can be proud of, both myself and Felipe. He’s been a fantastic team-mate and even if we continue to see one another in the paddock, I will miss the relationship we have had. I wish him all the best for the future.”

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