The Foundation

Fernando Alonso Foundation

Dedicated exclusively to Child Road Safety


Our mission

The Fernando Alonso Foundation has been created with the objective of promoting, stimulating, and developing road safety initiatives with a cultural and investigative focus and specifically, it aims to educate, encourage participation and instruct children in subjects relating to Road Safety.


Creation of scholarships aimed at university students developing child safety systems in cars.


Promote “Road Safety” as a curricular subject in schools


Promote street safety plans in areas close to educational centres


Elaborate a guide of good Road Safety conduct in urban environments

Road Safety Tips

When raining, don’t drive too close to the vehicle in front; you will avoid the “spray effect”, which is spray and dirty rain water that will end on your windscreen.
If you don’t have a hands free devise, don’t talk on the phone when in your car. Your concentration is impared resulting in frequent collisions both on the open road and in town.
Regularly check the pressure, grooves and tread (mínimum 1.6mm) of the tyres to ensure good road grip and prevent slipping.
Distractions are the greatest danger and the biggest problem in road safety, more so than speed, so when I’m driving, whether a Formula 1 or my own car, I’m 100% ‘in’ the car.
Regarding the speed at which to drive, my best advice is that people comply with speed limits.
A Formula 1 car has six seat belts and it’s thanks to them that we are safe in case of an accident. It would be crazy not to wear the belts or a helmet. I’m a big fan of the safety belt and I wear it even to move the car just two metres.
When driving, especially on motorways, where you travel many metres in a few seconds, your five senses must be alert. If you’re smoking or talking on the phone, you are not aware of everything; it’s very misleading.
If driving with snow don´t forget the chains. Drive through the ruts previously left by other vehicles. If you have to descend a slope, do it in a very slow speed and use the brakes as little as possible. Use a low gear to hold the car.
In a car with ABS system, if you want to stop the car, hit the brake pedal to the full until the car stops, don´t lift your foot off the brake pedal.
If you hit a patch of ice, gently lift off the throttle, don’t break and steer the wheel towards the side where the back of the car will be.

Fernando Alonso

Good Will Ambassador for UNICEF

Since 2006