The other passion of Fernando has two wheels

The other passion of Fernando has two wheels

There is a saying that a F1 champion does well on anything with wheels. Nothing closer to reality, at least in the case of Fernando Alonso, as the two-times world champion is not only a big cycling fan, but he does really well on a bicycle.

In recent days, Fernando has been uploading on his Twitter, photos of some of the training that he has been doing by bicycle. The parameters that his cycle-computer sends are that of a very high level cyclist if you consider that he does not train daily with the bike, or is professionally engaged in it. In the last exit prior to the China Grand Prix, Fernando made ​​a total of 122 kms by road in just over four hours to an average of more than 30 km / h.

To give you an idea of ​​these figures, the winner of the last stage of the Tour of Spain 2011, Slovak Peter Sagan, traveled the circuit in 2:20 minutes, a half about 38 km / h going for most of that tour squad. The 1364 watts of power Fernando reached last week at the physical tests on the roller is further evidence of dramatic figures. Also, it must be said that he exceeded by far the data obtained in the same test in 2011.

Fernando includes cycling in his preparation since he began in the racing world, because as an aerobic activity, it provides strength and the necessary background for the demanding physical waste that has to bear in a car.

Fernando Alonso y Carlos Sastre