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    1. Fernando Alonso: “Today, my time with Ferrari comes to an end, as does a very tricky season, in which, even if we were unable to [...]

    2. Fernando Alonso: “Today’s qualifying was very tricky on a weekend that, in general, has been more complicated than usual. Changing the engine after the final [...]

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      6 days ago

      “It was a real shame losing the opportunity to take part in the second free practice session here at Yas Marina, as it’s the only [...]

    4. Just over an hour after it was officially announced by Scuderia Ferrari that Fernando Alonso was leaving the team at the end of this season, [...]

    5. Scuderia Ferrari and Fernando Alonso announce that, by common consent, they have ended their relationship. Fernando Alonso leaves the team at the end of this [...]

    6. Fernando Alonso Team


      10 November 2014

      After a far from easy weekend, I am reasonably pleased with the outcome of the race, because even if we weren’t very competitive, we managed [...]

    7. Today’s result more or less reflects the way the whole weekend has gone, even if here, a tenth of a second can be the difference [...]

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      07 November 2014

      It’s been an overcast and humid day in Sao Paulo, but at least the rain held off while Fernando Alonso met the media in the [...]

    9. Today went more or less as expected, with the cars ahead of us being very quick, clearing off immediately after the start. After a good [...]

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      02 November 2014

      I think that this was a good qualifying and, looking at the times of the cars ahead of me, I don’t think I could have [...]

    11. The contrast between the cities of Sochi and Austin could not be more marked, but when it came to Fernando Alonso’s regular Thursday press meeting [...]

    12. “Today’s race followed the pattern set in the earlier part of a weekend in which we didn’t manage to be competitive, even if the car [...]

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      11 October 2014

      “Today’s qualifying was more difficult than usual, or at least more complicated compared to the last two race weekends, when we had been able to [...]

    14. #ForzaJules #raceForYou

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      10 October 2014

      “The track is very unusual and I didn’t think that Formula 1 had already got such a large following here. Also surprising today was the [...]

    16. Naturally, there was a sombre mood in today’s FIA press conference, just four days after an accident in the Japanese Grand Prix that left Marussia [...]

    17. Fernando Alonso Team


      05 October 2014

      “It was a real shame losing the opportunity to take part in this race because, with nothing to lose in terms of the championship, I [...]

    18. Fernando Alonso Team


      04 October 2014

      “I’ve often ended up fifth in qualifying, but I think that today’s result can be seen in a different light as I enjoyed myself a [...]

    19. Fernando Alonso Team


      21 September 2014

      With hindsight, it’s easy to ask oneself how things would have gone if I hadn’t made a mistake at the start and the Safety Car [...]

    20. Fernando Alonso Team


      20 September 2014

      If you had told me yesterday that we would still be competitive in qualifying, probably I wouldn’t have believed it. And in fact this fifth [...]

    21. As always, Friday in Singapore is a bit different to what it is at other tracks, as its characteristics mean it is one of a [...]

    22. Fernando Alonso Team


      07 September 2014

      After a long run of trouble-free races, it’s a real shame I had to retire just here in Monza, in front of all our fans. [...]

    23. We knew that, as usual in qualifying, it would be tough and that the encouraging signs we saw in free practice should not create false [...]

    24. It’s an unwritten rule that a Scuderia Ferrari driver has to be on the panel for Thursday’s FIA press conference at Monza and that duty [...]

    25. Today my race started on the back foot as the car did not fire up and we had to use another battery. It’s a shame [...]

    26. Fernando Alonso Team


      22 August 2014

      Compared to the other race weekends, the story is a bit different here, because Spa is a high speed circuit and, after a month off, [...]

    27. ALS #IceBucketChallenge aceptada. Paso el reto a@PlacidoDomingo@BriatoreFlavio y Luca di Montezemolo

    28. “This podium means a lot to me and the whole team, because after so many difficult races, we managed to get the most out of [...]

    29. After a chaotic qualifying like today’s, you always think you could have done better. But if you then analyse everything that happened, finishing fifth is [...]

    30. Fernando Alonso Team


      25 July 2014

      Going from one race to the next doesn’t usually involve many changes, but here, unlike what usually happens on a Friday, we had to work [...]

    31. Just four days after talking to the press about his crowd-pleasing duel with Ricciardo in Hockenheim, Fernando Alonso was back in front of the media [...]

    32. “We did what we could today and even if as always, we were aiming for a podium finish, the cars ahead of us were just [...]

    33. We can’t be happy with seventh, but it reflects the fact this weekend has been one of ups and downs. Apart from the actual numbers [...]

    34. “It’s nice to be back racing at Hockenheim. I’ve got fantastic memories of the last race here and I like the track a lot. Today, [...]

    35. Fernando Alonso Team


      06 July 2014

      “I think today’s race was very spectacular, certainly for us it was extremely hectic, first with Kimi’s retirement and then with the penalty for being [...]

    36. When it rains in qualifying it’s always a lottery, it can go well or it can go badly. Most of all, it’s easy to make [...]

    37. Fernando Alonso Team


      05 July 2014

      “This Friday was much like any other and we followed our programme, testing some components and working on set-up in the morning, while evaluating both [...]

    38. “I think that I can consider this to be my best race of the season, because finishing eighteen seconds off the Mercedes in a race [...]

    39. I have mixed feelings after this qualifying, because on the one hand, this is the best result since early in the season, but it’s also [...]

    40. Fernando Alonso Team


      20 June 2014

      It’s nice to be back racing here, the track has many changes of gradient and that always makes for enjoyable driving. In both sessions, Kimi [...]

    41. Driver, supporter and guest starter: Fernando Alonso was all of these on Saturday at the Le Mans 24 Hour race. In fact, the Spanish Scuderia [...]

    42. Fernando Alonso Team


      09 June 2014

      Looking at the wild final stages of the race, today we picked up some “lucky” points, but we still can’t be happy with where we [...]

    43. Fernando Alonso Team


      08 June 2014

      The result of qualifying reflects the trend we have seen since the start of the season. As often happens, even if on Friday we are [...]

    44. Fernando Alonso will be the special guest starter of the 82nd Le Mans 24 Hours, which takes place at the legendary La Sarthe circuit on [...]

    45. Fernando Alonso Team


      25 May 2014

      Finishing just off the podium today was a good result, especially after a difficult start and the various incidents during the race. At the start, [...]

    46. Today’s result encapsulates the state of play this weekend and it’s more or less what we expected, but I don’t think it went badly, because [...]

    47. Fernando Alonso Team


      11 May 2014

      Of course I’d have liked to have done better here in my home race, but I knew right from the start that it would be [...]

    48. This wasn’t a good qualifying session, but the outcome was more or less what we could have expected on a difficult weekend, especially in terms [...]

    49. There wasn’t much grip on track today and in general, we struggled a bit more, which was down to a series of factors, including the [...]

    50. As the only Spaniard on the grid, naturally enough Fernando Alonso was called to attend today’s FIA press conference. The Ferrari man was keen to [...]

    51. Fernando Alonso Team


      20 April 2014

      After a difficult start to the season, this podium is a confidence boost for the whole team, providing extra motivation for all those who are [...]

    52. Fernando Alonso Team


      19 April 2014

      When it rains you never know how things will turn out as track conditions can get worse lap after lap and so that’s one reason [...]

    53. Fernando Alonso Team


      18 April 2014

      All Fridays are the same, a day when you especially need to test the tyres to adapt to the circuit and on this front, maybe [...]

    54. Fernando Alonso Team


      07 April 2014

      Today’s race was complicated for us, even if we knew what to expect because, with its long straights, this track shows up our weak points. [...]

    55. Fernando Alonso Team


      05 April 2014

      We tried our best as usual today and now we need to wait for the car to come back from parc ferme to work out [...]

    56. Fernando Alonso Team


      04 April 2014

      Today was much cooler than expected in the Sakhir paddock, as Fernando Alonso faced the media, with his first comments defending the Scuderia’s title aspirations. [...]

    57. Fernando Alonso Team


      30 March 2014

      The points scored today are the result of a trouble free weekend, in which the small improvements on the car worked as we had expected [...]

    58. Fernando Alonso Team


      29 March 2014

      “I am really pleased with this fourth place, because to get into Q3 with the problem I had with the steering is really a good [...]

    59. Fernando Alonso Team


      28 March 2014

      We are on a learning curve, which is not unusual for the start of a championship and, to find out how competitive we are, as [...]

    60. A small room in the temporary Ferrari offices at the back of the paddock is where Fernando Alonso began his official duties today for the [...]

    61. I’d have liked to start the season with a podium, but getting both cars to the flag is a good result, which can give us [...]

    62. Fernando Alonso Team


      15 March 2014

      “I think fifth is a good result in such a difficult qualifying session, especially as it’s the first time we’ve run in the wet with [...]

    63. Fernando Alonso Team


      14 March 2014

      On the first Friday of the season, there’s always a bit more tension. It’s the start of a new championship and there is the feeling [...]

    64. Fernando Alonso ended his two day testing stint in the F14 T and summed up the second session of the season with words of caution [...]

    65. First day of testing for Scuderia Ferrari and the ten other Formula 1 teams, working from today to Saturday at Bahrain’s Sakhir Circuit. The second [...]

    66. Fernando Alonso Team

      Alonso´s first

      31 January 2014

      Circuit: Jerez circuit– 4.428 km Driver: Fernando Alonso Car: Ferrari F14 T Weather: air temperature 5/18°C, track temperature 6/22 °C. Sunny Laps/Kms completed: 58/257 Best [...]

    67. We already have the winners of the X Edition of the Contest “Fernando Alonso Christmas Card”: First Prize: Franco Puricelli (13 years old) Second Prize: [...]

    1. Fernando Alonso Team


      24 November 2013

      “A podium is the best way to end this long season and finishing behind two Red Bulls almost tastes like a victory, as well as [...]

    2. Fernando Alonso Team

      "TOP THREE"

      24 November 2013

      “After the results of the last few Grands Prix, it’s really good news to be back in the top three. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to [...]

    3. At this time of the year, the media’s go-to opening question is to ask for a summary of the season coming to an end. At [...]

    4. Fernando Alonso Team


      18 November 2013

      “Finishing in the top five today is a very positive result when you consider how difficult this weekend has been and the fact I had [...]

    5. Fernando Alonso Team


      16 November 2013

      “I feel reasonably satisfied with the result of today’s qualifying, because after the problems we have had almost all weekend long and even in Q1, [...]

    6. Fernando Alonso Team


      15 November 2013

      “I had no problem being back on track today. My back felt fine and I was able to drive the same as always. Compared to [...]

    7. Fernando Alonso Team


      03 November 2013

      “I am happy to have brought home points for the team in a race that was always going to be tough, on what has been [...]

    8. Fernando Alonso Team


      02 November 2013

      “This qualifying has been as difficult as the rest of the weekend, even if in some races, starting eleventh on new tyres can help, so [...]

    9. Fernando Alonso Team

      "NO GIVING UP"

      01 November 2013

      “Compared to other Fridays, today we were a bit less competitive than usual and now we need to work out if that is down to [...]

    10. The sumptuous Yas Marina Circuit media centre hosted the first FIA press conference of the weekend this afternoon and Fernando Alonso was one of the [...]

    11. Fernando Alonso Team


      27 October 2013

      “Today, the problem I had on the first lap compromised my entire race, because we had to immediately change the nose and with one extra [...]

    12. Before qualifying we looked at what might be the best strategy and it was very difficult to choose between two possibilities of equal worth. Using [...]

    13. Fernando Alonso Team


      25 October 2013

      It was a Friday like any other, apart from a mechanical problem this morning which reduced my track time. Fortunately, this did not affect the [...]

    14. It’s been a regular question at the last few races, when Fernando Alonso meets the media; how does he keep himself motivated with the title [...]

    15. Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

    16. Fernando Alonso Team

      "A RECORD DAY"

      13 October 2013

      “Fourth place was the most I could do today, as the three ahead of me were really out of reach and so, given our starting [...]

    17. Fernando Alonso Team


      12 October 2013

      “Today’s result is more or less what we were expecting, not having had a great pace all weekend, always being between sixth and tenth and [...]

    18. Fernando Alonso Team


      11 October 2013

      “It’s hard to talk about Maria de Villota right now, as I had only just taken my helmet off, when I was told about her [...]

    19. Clearly some of the F1 media thought it was their duty to give Fernando Alonso something to smile about at his usual press meeting, as [...]

    20. Fernando Alonso Team


      06 October 2013

      “We knew this would be a difficult race and unfortunately the results confirmed the concerns we had already experienced on Friday, when we had a [...]

    21. Fernando Alonso Team


      05 October 2013

      “I am not surprised at the outcome of this qualifying session, because in terms of pure performance, Saturday is always difficult for us and will [...]

    22. “The impressions are the usual Friday ones and to say more, we will have to wait until tomorrow and see how qualifying goes. On this [...]

    23. Fernando Alonso Team


      03 October 2013

      Fernando Alonso met the media in a very sunny paddock here on the outskirts of Mokpo this afternoon and admitted that, rain or shine, this [...]

    24. Fernando Alonso Team

      "LIKE A WIN"

      22 September 2013

      “Today’s second place is like a victory for us, at the end of a difficult weekend on a track where it’s very tricky to overtake. [...]

    25. Fernando Alonso Team


      22 September 2013

      “Today’s result isn’t surprising, because from the start of the season, on average we have always started from between sixth and eighth place and then [...]

    26. Fernando Alonso Team


      20 September 2013

      “We can’t say this was a good start, because we weren’t competitive, but if we consider that last year, at the end of a difficult [...]

    27. Fernando Alonso Team


      08 September 2013

      “Stepping onto the Monza podium is always a special feeling, as it’s the only one where you can feel all the love that the fans [...]

    28. The traditional fan invasion turned the track red as they swarmed across it to stand under the famous Monza podium after the race and while [...]

    29. “Today went well compared to qualifying at recent races, with the car being competitive, allowing us to fight with the best. Of course, we weren’t [...]

    30. “The feeling is the same as any Friday, which means we’re neither very happy nor very disappointed with our performance level and we will have [...]

    31. Fernando Alonso Team


      05 September 2013

      The first official press conference of the Italian Grand Prix weekend featured both Ferrari drivers on the six-man panel, a testament to the importance of [...]

    32. Fernando Alonso Team


      25 August 2013

      “Today’s result shows that the outcome of qualifying bears little relation to the result on Sunday, although I think that even if I’d started from [...]

    33. Fernando Alonso Team


      24 August 2013

      “When you end up ninth and tenth, clearly something has gone wrong and only analysing the data will be able to tell you what exactly, [...]

    34. “This was a good day, even if in the morning we, and in fact everyone, lost time because of the rain and so in the [...]

    35. The Twittersphere can sometimes seem to have taken over as the main form of media communication and so, after Fernando recently tweeted about a true [...]

    36. Fernando Alonso was born on 29 July 1981 at Oviedo. To date, the Spaniard has taken part in 208 Grands Prix, driving for four different [...]

    37. “Finishing fifth today, maybe we actually did better than what should have been within our grasp, because Mercedes, Lotus and Red Bull were quicker than [...]

    38. “This fifth place is good news after a couple of difficult weekends in Silverstone and the Nürburgring and especially after seeing things improve compared to [...]

    39. “As usually happens on Friday, today we managed to get an idea of what sort of pace we should see in Sunday’s race. Conditions look [...]

    40. There are moments when one feels impotent when confronted with tragedies that create death and pain. One is left bewildered, not knowing what to do [...]

    41. Fernando Alonso Team

      A SAD DAY

      25 July 2013

      Fernando Alonso’s press meeting was overshadowed by news of the terrible train crash in Spain yesterday. “A sad day, because you go to bed thinking [...]

    42. What could be more energising than the enthusiasm of six hundred children? Not much, as Luca di Montezemolo and Fernando Alonso could affirm when, this [...]

    43. Alonso sums up the first part of the season Fernando Alonso loves speed more than anything, so he didn’t need much persuading to turn taxi [...]

    44. “This was a difficult race, we weren’t very quick and at some moments we were not competitive enough. In the first stint, we paid the [...]

    45. Felipe Massa will start tomorrow’s German Grand Prix from the inside of the fourth row of the grid, not exactly a fantastic starting position, so [...]

    46. “The strategy we used today was dictated by looking at our average qualifying performance, given that pole is not yet within our grasp and the [...]

    47. “Today went better than last Friday and even if there is still a long way to go, in general we seem to have made a [...]

    48. The last Grand Prix in England was still very fresh in the minds of everyone, as you would expect after just four days and when [...]

    49. t 10 o’clock this morning, an auction got underway organized by helmet manufacturer Schuberth, to raise funds for those affected by the River Elbe bursting [...]

    50. Fernando Alonso’s German trip has begun in Hamburg, where he visited the Shell Technology Centre, prior to the championship round at the Nurburgring. Just three [...]

    51. “If I’d been told this morning that I would have ended up on the podium, I would not have believed it possible. Yesterday in qualifying, [...]

    52. Hoy en carrera nos pusieron a prueba los reflejos..! 288km/h, 3,6g lateral, curva en recta..

    53. “This weekend has been complicated for us by problems that we haven’t managed to get on top of, concerning various aspects such as the balance [...]

    54. “This morning, we lost the first session because of the rain and had to squeeze all the work we had been unable to do into [...]

    55. Not only is Fernando Alonso a quick driver, he is also an eloquent speaker, so he has many questions to deal with whenever he is [...]

    56. The exhibition, organized by the Fernando Alonso Foundation and the Canal de Isabel II Management, opens towards the end of the year • It will [...]

    57. Fernando Alonso: “At the end of an extremely complicated weekend, this second place tastes like a win, because we were competitive and managed to fight [...]

    58. Fernando Alonso: “We were well aware how difficult this weekend could be, because with such changeable weather, the track can change from one lap to [...]

    59. Fernando Alonso:“It was an untypical Friday, affected by the extremely changeable weather. We didn’t manage to complete our programme because the track was wet in [...]

    60. Facing the media for his usual Thursday meeting, Fernando Alonso was very clear on what he and the Scuderia has to do this weekend. “We [...]

    61. There were 18 goals scored in the 90 minutes and over 41,000 spectators for this year’s Partita del Cuore charity football match. This year, it [...]

    62. Tonight, the Juventus Stadium in Turin hosts the Partita del Cuore, a charity football match now in its twenty third year. The Nazionale Italiana Cantanti [...]

    63. Fernando Alonso: “Unfortunately today we didn’t manage to have a good pace, as is usually the case on Sunday and I wasn’t pessimistic about not [...]

    64. Fernando Alonso: “Unfortunately, today did not go as we had hoped, even if we tried our very best. We weren’t as competitive as in the [...]

    65. Fernando Alonso was sixth fastest in today’s qualifying. The Spaniard was the only Ferrari driver on track, as Felipe Massa was unable to take part. [...]

    66. “It’s always nice driving at Monaco, even if it’s very demanding, because here more than anywhere, you need to do a lot of running to [...]

    67. “The feeling is good, the team is confident, as we saw we had a competitive package, getting both our cars onto the podium in Barcelona,” [...]

    68. Fernando Alonso Team


      22 May 2013

      Fernando Alonso will pull on a special helmet for the Monaco Grand Prix, the sixth round of the Formula 1 World Championship, taking place on [...]

    69. “Even if this is the third time I’ve won a home race, the emotion is still very strong, as if it had never happened before. [...]

    70. Scuderia Ferrari secured an excellent first and third place finish in the Spanish Grand Prix at the Catalunya circuit this afternoon. Fernando Alonso completed the [...]

    71. Fernando Alonso: “It’s a well known fact that Saturday afternoon is our weak point and fifth place is more or less what we were expecting. [...]

    72. “The signs from today are positive, as we were quick in both the morning and afternoon and the car seems to be well balanced on [...]

    73. No prizes for guessing that Fernando Alonso was called to this afternoon’s FIA Press Conference at the Catalunya Circuit, in the build up to his [...]

    74. Fernando Alonso Team


      30 April 2013

      Maranello, 30 April – For a long time Spain’s motor racing tradition was primarily on two wheels. Still today the Iberian Peninsula is one of [...]

    75. Fernando Alonso: “We definitely didn’t have much luck today and that’s a real shame, at the end of what had been such a positive weekend [...]

    76. Fernando Alonso: “It’s really good news that once again we managed to do well in qualifying, which is our Achilles Heel! This is now the [...]

    77. Fernando Alonso: “It was a positive day and we are reasonably pleased with how the car behaved. We had no major problems and more importantly, [...]

    78. @isadoracl What is your best childhood memory? (Qual a sua melhor lembrança de sua infância?) FA: My best memories are from my school days. When [...]

    79. Fernando Alonso: “It couldn’t have gone better than this today! I hadn’t won since Germany and this has a special feeling because it was a [...]

    80. Fernando Alonso: “To end qualifying with both cars in the top five is a result that fills me with hope for the race. The F138 [...]

    81. Fernando Alonso: “By the end of the day, the overall feeling is positive. We worked well and on top of that, it’s always great fun [...]

    82. Under sunny and clear blue skies in the massive Shanghai paddock, rather than the smog the weather forecasters had predicted, Fernando Alonso tackled the usual [...]

    83. Hello to all the tweeters of the world!! It’s hard to believe but it’s been over a year since my first tweet! A lot of [...]

    84. With a few days to go before they head off for Shanghai and the third round of the Formula 1 World Championship, Fernando Alonso and [...]

    85. Fernando Alonso: “Today, unfortunately, we were very unlucky. After making a good start, I touched with Vettel at the second corner: it was a surprise [...]

    86. Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

    87. Fernando Alonso: “I am very happy with this position as it’s been too long since I qualified in the top three! Something I have usually [...]

    88. Fernando Alonso: “Today, the car worked well in all conditions and that is very good news for us. This circuit is more representative than Australia [...]

    89. Hard to believe, but Fernando Alonso drove his Ferrari F2012 to victory here in Malaysia last year. It was an unexpected result to put it [...]

    90. Fernando Alonso: “We can claim to have started this season on the right foot, immediately in the fight with the best. Along with the results [...]

    91. The starting grid for the Australian Grand Prix will not be decided until after 11 tomorrow morning. The Race Director took the decision to postpone [...]

    92. Fernando Alonso: “Overall, this was a very productive Friday, as we did a lot of laps and got through an important initial analysis of the [...]

    93. The Fernando Alonso Foundation and Canal de Isabel II Management will organize together an exposition on the sporting career of the two-time Formula 1 World [...]

    94. The official Thursday FIA press conference ran with a new format with more than one presenter, but there were no real changes when it came [...]

    95. Circuit: Catalunya circuit, Montmelò – 4.655 km Driver: Fernando Alonso Car: Ferrari F138 Weather: air temperature 5/18°C, track temperature 8/26°C. Sunny Laps/Kms completed: 120/559 Best [...]

    96. Scuderia Ferrari is continuing its preparation for the season in Barcelona, where yesterday, Fernando Alonso got through another busy day of testing. The F138 seems [...]

    97. With three days of testing remaining, Fernando Alonso took to the track for Scuderia Ferrari at the Catalunya Circuit. Because of bad weather, the track [...]

    98. Fernando Alonso Team


      21 February 2013

      Circuit: Catalunya Circuit, Montmelo – 4.655 km Driver: Fernando Alonso Car: Ferrari F138 Weather: air temperature 8/15°C, track temperature 9/18 °C. Cloudy. Montmelo, 21 February [...]

    99. Circuit: Catalunya Circuit, Montmelo – 4.655 km Driver: Fernando Alonso Car: Ferrari F138 Weather: air temperature 13/17°C, track temperature 13/28 °C. Cloudy in the morning, [...]

    100. One of Fernando Alonso’s biggest prides when travelling around the world as a Formula 1 driver has always been to represent, besides the team he [...]

    101. Fernando Alonso Team


      05 February 2013
    102. There were plenty of questions for the Scuderia Ferrari race drivers at the press conference which followed on from the presentation of the F138 and [...]

    103. The sky lit up with fireworks to salute the double win for Fernando Alonso on the ice lake at Campiglio at the end of a [...]

    104. Fernando Alonso Team

      Ski time...

      18 January 2013
    105. Alonso has always jealously guarded his privacy, but social networks, especially Twitter, have given him a means of defending himself and counter-attacking those who want [...]

    106. Alonso, politics and rivals: a lot has been said about this triumvirate during 2012 and someone – over the other side of the Alps – [...]

    107. Serio y concentrado, Fernando Alonso hizo su debut de la temporada ante los medios de comunicación esta mañana, en la vigésima tercera edición del Wrooom, [...]

    1. Have a Merry Christmas and see you in January with I hope big smile. Thank you all

    2. End of year awards are an ephemeral pleasure but nevertheless it’s satisfying to get one. In Formula 1, the ones that maybe carry the most [...]

    3. We already have the winners of the IX Edition of the Contest “Fernando Alonso Christmas Card”: First Prize: Warde Naddaf (9 years old) Second Prize: [...]

    4. Just eight days after the end of the longest ever Formula 1 season, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa have been back on track. However, this [...]

    5. Fernando Alonso Team


      26 November 2012

      Impatience prevents things to became magical. The value of things is constantly losing. For example, if missing gold, silver acquire value.. What you need to [...]

    6. “I score this season a 10! If we had to repeat these twenty races I would change nothing done by the team or yours truly: [...]

    7. Fernando Alonso Team


      24 November 2012

      “I’m not surprised at this position, because it’s not as though we can expect a revolution in performance terms in the space of a week. [...]

    8. Fernando Alonso: “It was very hot out on the circuit today and, especially this afternoon, the track temperatures were well above normal, even for this [...]

    9. Fernando Alonso Team


      21 November 2012

      Fernando Alonso’s brief visit to New York ended with him being the guest of honour at today’s closing ceremony at the New York Stock Exchange. [...]

    10. Life is always precious, which is the main virtue we have. But ever since a digital life has existed, that too needs to be safeguarded [...]

    11. “It was an unexpected podium which came at the end of a particularly difficult weekend. We did not have the pace to match Red Bull [...]

    12. “We never managed to put together the best lap, which on these tyres and with these track conditions is always the last one you do. [...]

    13. “It’s no surprise to see the two Red Bulls ahead of the field: in the last few races they have had the best package, therefore [...]

    14. Fernando Alonso was one of the drivers called to the first ever FIA conference at the Circuit of the Americas on the outskirts of the [...]

    15. Fernando Alonso: “I’m happy with the way this weekend turned out. It’s true that with Sebastian last, there was an opportunity to reduce the gap [...]

    16. Fernando Alonso: “In all three free practice sessions, we were always around this position, so it would have been too optimistic to hope for more [...]

    17. “The day just ended was a Friday like any other, during which we got through everything on our programme. The morning session was dedicated to [...]

    18. Last Sunday, Fernando Alonso drove one of the best races of his career to finish second in India, and the Spaniard declared he was still [...]

    19. “We can fight the Red Bulls, but at the moment, we still don’t have a car capable of winning. Once again this year we have [...]

    20. “We tried to get the most out of what we had, but there was no way we could be ahead of the Red Bulls and [...]

    21. “This is an interesting circuit: after the longest straight, there’s a combination of high speed corners which are very nice to drive. Today the track [...]

    22. Fernando Alonso was wearing two hats today in India; the first was his Unicef Ambassador one, as he attended an event to promote the benefits [...]

    23. Fernando Alonso Team


      25 October 2012

      It’s been another unforgettable day for Fernando Alonso, here in India for the seventeenth round of the Formula 1 world championship, in his role as [...]

    24. Fernando Alonso: “It was a difficult race and, come the end of the weekend, I am happy with the way things went. I was starting [...]

    25. Fernando Alonso: “I’d say we’ve made a step forward compared to Japan, just a week ago, both in terms of grid position and also the [...]

    26. Fernando Alonso: “It’s hard to say where we are compared to the others, because today, we focused mainly on ourselves, working this morning on a [...]

    27. Having arrived in Korea last night, it was straight down to business for Fernando Alonso, as he was called to the FIA Press Conference in [...]

    28. Fernando Alonso spent three days in Japan to unwind before arriving only this evening in Korea to kick off the mini-championship over five rounds, which [...]

    29. Fernando Alonso: “Today, we were very unlucky: to finish a race like this, at the very first corner is really a shame. Contact from Raikkonen [...]

    30. Fernando Alonso: “What can I say, other than get angry about being unlucky? The yellow flags came at the worst possible moment, when I was [...]

    31. Today is a special day in the history of Ferrari because it’s a celebration for a person who has written an important chapter in the [...]

    32. Fernando Alonso: “This was a reasonably good day. I like driving at Suzuka because it’s a very nice track which I love coming to race [...]

    33. Hello!!!! Another Friday for testing and adapt to the circuit! Now a few hours to analyze data and choose the best for tomorrow!

    34. Fernando Alonso Team


      04 October 2012

      Today the mystery was solved relating to Tomita, the mysterious and microscopic doll that has been part of Fernando Alonso’s virtual adventures for a while [...]

    35. After his team-mate Felipe Massa had finished in the FIA press conference, it was Fernando Alonso’s turn to face the media in the Scuderia Ferrari [...]

    36. Today we start preparing everything at the circuit ..! Although the practice are tomorrow many many fans here today!!

    37. Fernando Alonso: “In the end it went well, but we definitely can’t go on like this. It can’t always be the case that my closest [...]

    38. Fernando Alonso: “Today, pole position was absolutely out of our grasp: Hamilton was on another planet… We must settle for this fifth place but that [...]

    39. Fernando Alonso: “We tried various new components on the car: some seem to be positive, others less so, but maybe in the case of the [...]

    40. Fernando Alonso has already driven a Formula 1 car here in Singapore today, but it’s all within the rules because he was at the wheel [...]

    41. Fernando Alonso is already in Singapore, where this coming weekend the only night race in the calendar takes place. This is one of the circuits [...]

    42. Fernando Alonso: “This Sunday was perfect for the championship, almost like a film with a happy ending: another podium finish, three of my closest rivals [...]

    43. Fernando Alonso: “I think I could have got pole today, but instead I find myself tenth. A real shame, because the car was very strong, [...]

    44. Fernando Alonso: “Today almost everything happened, with various mechanical problems and we did not manage to test everything we wanted, but all the parts that [...]

    45. It’s Monza, it’s the Italian Grand Prix and, as night follows days, both Scuderia Ferrari drivers were called to the official FIA press conference this [...]

    46. Fernando Alonso: “I’m fine, except my left shoulder hurts a bit: I went to the medical centre immediately after the accident but everything is alright, [...]

    47. Fernando Alonso: “This afternoon’s sixth place matches our average for this year’s qualifying sessions, which is 6.08 to be precise, therefore we shouldn’t be too [...]

    48. Jenson Button took pole position for tomorrow’s Belgian Grand Prix, qualifying his McLaren in 1.47.573. Surprisingly, in second place, we have the Sauber of Kamui [...]

    49. Clearly the press had missed their chats with Fernando Alonso, as the Scuderia Ferrari motorhome was packed this afternoon in the Spa Francorchamps paddock, for [...]

    50. The song says that twenty years is nothing, but nine seems … forever! And on this coming 24th of August, it will be the ninth [...]

    51. Fernando Alonso: “We were expecting a very difficult qualifying and so it was. We saw at least eight cars – two McLarens, two Force Indias, [...]

    52. Fernando Alonso: “What’s to say, the usual Friday, at the end of which it is always difficult to hypothesise on how things will go in [...]

    53. As the winner just four days ago of the last Grand Prix in Hockenheim, Fernando Alonso found himself on the panel for today’s FIA press [...]

    54. Fernando Alonso: “It was a very close race from start to finish. We did not have the quickest car. McLaren and Red Bull had a [...]

    55. Fernando Alonso Team


      22 July 2012

      Team photo! Great job guys!! Proud of you.. And these guys, the mechanics of my car…! 22 consecutive races in the points, thanks to them!!!

    56. Fernando Alonso produced another amazing drive to take his third win of the season to extend his lead to over 30 points in the Drivers’ [...]

    57. Fernando Alonso Team

      Sunday photo...;)

      22 July 2012
    58. Fernando Alonso: “I am very happy! When qualifying is run in these conditions, it’s very difficult to put together a clean lap and it’s very [...]

    59. A bravura performance from Fernando Alonso saw him take pole for the second race in a row in a time of 1.40.621, four tenths faster [...]

    60. Fernando Alonso Team


      20 July 2012

      Into every life, a little rain must fall, but every fortnight?… Two weeks on from the incessant rain in Silverstone, this Friday in Hockenheim was [...]

    61. On an overcast day at Germany’s Hockenheim circuit, Fernando Alonso was in a bright mood as he met the press to discuss a season that [...]

    62. Fernando Alonso Team


      09 July 2012

      #amigasAlo gallery here

    63. Fernando Alonso: “When you do almost the entire race in the lead and you are overtaken just a few laps from the finish, it does [...]

    64. First pole of the season for Scuderia Ferrari, courtesy of Fernando Alonso, at the end of an extremely long qualifying session. Rain was the main [...]

    65. A particularly concise press release today, written after three hours of free practice that said nothing or next to nothing, because of the far from [...]

    66. Friday’s free practice took place in bad weather, with incessant rain that put paid to a large part of the afternoon session. The drivers in [...]

    67. Hello everyone!! We’re back with our Twitter and Facebook interviews!! It’s already been three months since the championship started, the same time since I landed [...]

    68. After a double from Xabi Alonso in the Euro 2012 quarter final, here is one for Fernando Alonso, the first driver to take two wins [...]

    69. A supreme Fernando Alonso won the European Grand Prix here today, with a climb up the order from eleventh on the grid and that will [...]

    70. Determination was not enough for the two Scuderia Ferrari drivers in this afternoon’s qualifying session. Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa will start from eleventh (1.38.707) [...]

    71. Three hours of free practice packed with work for Scuderia Ferrari at this first day of the European Grand Prix, which takes place on the [...]

    72. Things were looking good for Scuderia Ferrari at the end of the second session of free practice. The team completed its planned programme of work [...]

    73. Fernando Alonso Team


      22 June 2012

      There was a packed crowd for the Autograph Session organised for the general public at the circuit today, at which all drivers, including those from [...]

    74. It is said that sayings are wise and there is one that says that no one is a prophet in their own land. In the [...]

    75. When you are leading with seven laps to go and you end up fifth, it would seem inevitable that you would be disappointed. However, that [...]

    76. Eleven points for Scuderia Ferrari in the Canadian Grand Prix, thanks to a fifth place for Fernando Alonso and a tenth for Felipe Massa. Fernando [...]

    77. Best Saturday of the year for Scuderia Ferrari, with one driver on the second row and the other on the third after qualifying for the [...]

    78. A very busy Friday for Scuderia Ferrari, making the most of every single one of the 180 minutes, available over the two free practice sessions [...]

    79. Can you help me to choose the next picture for my profile? With ” #fotoAlo ” and the number of the photo… Thanks!!! Results #fotoAlo [...]

    80. In the sunny environment of the waterside Montreal paddock, Fernando Alonso faced the press for the first encounter of the weekend this lunchtime. The opening [...]

    81. This strange 2012 Spring is drawing to a close, but some things never change. Roses bloom in the garden, the smell of jasmine fills the [...]

    82. As usual, this weekend’s Grand Prix provides a short interlude in the European part of the season as the Formula 1 circus crosses the Atlantic [...]

    83. Fernando Alonso Team


      02 June 2012

      Here the photo! I am truly sorry to steel the “exclusive” to someone behind the bushes,trees…;))) Un Samurai no tiene fuerza solo en los músculos. [...]

    84. Contest “The Helmet of Monaco” And the winner is… Michele Gagliardi. Congratulations. http://www.facebook.com/michelegagliardi

    85. The Scuderia Ferrari drivers Fernando Alonso and Marc Gené, and the General Manager of ARP, Lorenzo Bassetti, answered various questions this morning from the press [...]

    86. Fernando Alonso and Marc Gené opened a new Ferrari store on Spanish soil this morning. On the calle Serrano nº6 in Madrid, right in the [...]

    87. The two F2012s that took part in the Monaco Grand Prix did not take long to get back home. Chassis 294 and 295, used by [...]

    88. Another podium, the third of the season for Fernando Alonso and Scuderia Ferrari. The Spaniard finished the Grand Prix in third place while his team-mate [...]

    89. The F2012s of Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa finished third and sixth respectively in the Monaco Grand Prix: both men made up ground at the [...]

    90. Fernando Alonso Team

      Fernando's world

      27 May 2012

      Monaco, 27 May – In a TV interview given to Sport Mediaset’s Giorgio Terruzzi today, Fernando Alonso dispensed with the usual technical comments to talk [...]

    91. Monaco has always been synonymous with high society and glamour and among the many VIPs attending the most famous Grand Prix on the calendar were [...]

    92. This afternoon’s qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix was the best team performance of the season so far. Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa ended the [...]

    93. Water is always a feature at the Monaco Grand Prix, with the Mediterranean sea framing one side of the track and the Swimming Pool chicane [...]

    94. It is standard practice to describe the Monaco Grand Prix as a lottery and it’s even more of a cliché this year, as there does [...]

    95. Fernando Alonso in his Ferrari was quickest in the first free practice session for the Monaco Grand Prix, the sixth round of the Formula 1 [...]

    96. Fernando Alonso has won twice here in the Principality and he was clearly in up-beat mood when he met the press in the Ferrari media [...]

    97. “Siempre un placer volver a verte… Nice to see you again… #MonacoAlo”

    98. There are very few hours for the helmet that Fernando will use for the first time at the GPMonaco to look good through the streets [...]

    99. Fernando helmet will wear at the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​about to exit the oven. As you know and as it already happened last year, [...]

    100. Getting ready to go now in the simulator is good to remember gears, braking points,etc..;))

    101. It all began exactly on this day, the 21st May. Sixty two years ago, on this very same circuit that wends its way through the [...]

    102. “Oviedo”

    103. Video on board!

    104. “3;38h de bici! Entrenando con buen tiempo.. / 3:38h bicycle! Good weather today..”

    105. Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

    106. Another two sided afternoon for Scuderia Ferrari, with one driver on the podium and one out of the points. Fernando Alonso finished second at the [...]

    107. There were two sides to qualifying for Scuderia Ferrari, as Fernando Alonso was third fastest, while Felipe Massa ended Q2 only in seventeenth place. The [...]

    108.   This was the first day of practice for the Spanish Grand Prix, but, for Scuderia Ferrari at least, it felt more like the sixteenth [...]

    109. As inevitably as night follows day, for his home race, Fernando Alonso was called to attend the official FIA press conference at the Catalunya circuit [...]

    110. Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

    111. Aarón Ruiz@hharry33 (TT) Pizza or sandwich? Beach or mountain? Dog or cat? Series or film? Champions League final or NBA finals? Pizza, mountain, dog, [...]

    112. Hi everyone! As I promised, I have already read all the questions that you have sent to my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I´ve worked flat [...]

    113.   A further 500 kilometres for the F2012, which reached the 250 lap threshold, equivalent to over 1300 kilometres during the course of the past [...]

    114. After a break of over three years, Formula 1 returned to the Mugello Circuit, to be met by a large crowd – over fifteen thousand [...]

    115. “Sun, planes, colors…”

    116. “Tomita as a strategist”

    117. “Tomita and his friend”

    118. Only eight points in the bag for Scuderia Ferrari come the end of the Bahrain Grand Prix, the fourth round of this year’s World Championship. [...]

    119. One car on the fifth row and the other on the seventh: that is where the two Ferrari F2012s will line up on the starting [...]

    120. Coming from the Far to the Middle East has not changed much for Scuderia Ferrari, apart from the much higher temperatures on this island in [...]

    121. “El paddock de Bahrain es uno de los mas bonitos del mundial, verdad? This is one of the best paddocks of the year, isn’t..? )”

    122. La tabla de tiempos finales ha sido esta. 1. Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1m32.816s 35 2. Mark Webber Red Bull-Renault 1m33.262s + 0.446 26 3. Sebastian [...]

    123. Fernando Alonso has won the thirteenth fastest time in first free practice session for Bahrain F1 GP. With a time of 1:35:436, Fernando stood just [...]

    124. Today, Fernando Alonso walked into the Bahrain paddock for the first time since winning his debut race with the Prancing Horse here in Sakhir in [...]

    125. Fernando Alonso is already in Bahrain. The Sakhir circuit hosts this weekend’s fourth round of the F1 world championship and although the forecasts are not [...]

    126. Hello everybody.  Another day off in Shanghai, before heading for Bahrain. I feel comfortable here: it’s a city that’s full of life and that offers [...]

    127. alo_oficial just shared an Instagram photo with you: view full image “Shanghai..! ”

    128. alo_oficial just shared an Instagram photo with you: view full image “Tomita en Shanghai.”

    129. Fernando Alonso Team

      Keep pushing!

      15 April 2012

      @alo_oficial: “After 3 Gp and the difficulties we have at the moment in the F2012, being third at 8 pts of the leader is the [...]

    130.   Only two points to its name for Scuderia Ferrari come the end of the Chinese Grand Prix, brought home by Fernando Alonso, who finished [...]

    131. The circuit, the country and the weather might change, but the result of qualifying for Scuderia Ferrari remains the same. In Sepang, we had one [...]

    132.   In many countries, Friday 13th is seen as being an unlucky date but, at least as far as Scuderia Ferrari is concerned, everything here [...]

    133. Minutes before the training session, the entire Ferrari motor-racing team posed in front of his box. Fernando, as a good amateur photographer, did not hesitate [...]

    134. Just before practice team picture!! Forza Ferrari!!! This picture is only for you..;)) !

    135. alo_oficial just shared an Instagram photo with you: view full image “En ocasiones oigo voces… Often in the car, I hear voices..;)))”

    136. Fernando Alonso joined five of his fellow drivers in the FIA press conference at the Shanghai circuit that hosts this Sunday’s Chinese Grand Prix. The [...]

    137.  Here we are in Shanghai for the start of the third race weekend of the year. For sure, arriving here in China as the leader [...]

    138. alo_oficial just shared an Instagram photo with you: view full image “China 2012. Jet lag.”

    139. After a marathon journey of eighteen hours with a stopover in Dubai, the world championship leader landed at Pudong airport early in the morning, Spanish [...]

    140. There is a saying that a F1 champion does well on anything with wheels. Nothing closer to reality, at least in the case of Fernando [...]

    141. Fernando Alonso Team

      Tomita modelo...

      05 April 2012
    142. Hi all! A little over two weeks since I left home to begin what I like the best: another season of Formula 1, the eleventh [...]

    143. Twitter has awarded to Fernando Alonso with the “blue verified badge”. With this symbol, followers of @ alo_oficial may have from now on confident that [...]

    144. Emerson Fittipaldi, bi-F1 World Champion, passed yesterday by the microphones of the Cadena Cope. He was in 1972, the youngest champion in Formula One history. [...]

    145.   It was nice to be back in Maranello after Sunday afternoon’s win. In the plane, I was thinking again about the race and I [...]

    146. The congratulations keep coming by tens to@alo_oficial . Minutes after passing under the checkered flag of the GP of Malaysia, the flood has been [...]

    147. The impact of the exhibition of Fernando in Sepang has been around the world. On Monday, the front pages of the most influential newspapers at [...]

    148. Here it is, posing with the trophy for winning the GP of Malaysia and the two flags of his life, the Asturian and Spanish. Fernando [...]

    149. After the storm always comes … the party! The picture sums up the feeling of the great Ferrari family. All members of the “Scuderia” together, [...]

    150. Fernando Alonso Team


      25 March 2012

      Apotheosis of Fernando at the GP of Malaysia, after a memorable career in which he has written, in gold letters, one of the most beautiful [...]

    151. Fernando Alonso will start at 8th place tomorrow after a hard qualifying: “It was a good qualifying, because I think we got everything we could [...]

    152.   It was a very busy day for Scuderia Ferrari, with Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso getting through a lot of work, to be as [...]

    153. Fernando Alonso was picked to take up in this afternoon’s FIA conference. After a brilliant drive to fifth in Melbourne on Sunday, the media wanted [...]

    154. Said and done. As we anticipated yesterday, Ferrari has surrendered this morning its particular tribute to Marco Simoncelli, who died in Sepang during the celebration [...]

    155. Going back to Sepang is always an incentive for all pilots who have raced there once. However, since October, 23rd of 2011 going back to [...]

    156. “I’ve been in Kuala Lumpur since Monday already. As my trainer Edoardo Bendinelli has previously explained to you (see The battle with the heat is played [...]

    157. The Malaysian Grand Prix is synonymous with heat and above all with humidity. There is no other race on the current Formula 1 calendar at [...]

    158. Fernando sees “the glass half-full”. After his great performance in the first race of the World Championship, he got an epic comeback after starting in [...]

    159.   Fernando was happy at the end of the race. He said: “We knew it would be a very complicated race and I am happy I [...]

    160. Fernando Alonso Team

      Family photo

      18 March 2012

      Here they are, all of them. Waiting all winter and here they are. Last Friday, the great family of F1 drivers took the traditional picture [...]

    161. “It went like this: I got a bit on the grass under braking, the car took off on its own and I found myself in [...]

    162. Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

    163. Fernando Alonso Team

      HELMET 2012

      16 March 2012

        Here it is,Fernando´s 2012 season helmet. After last year getting back to basis, Fernando has opted to keep the design virtually unchanged. Again the [...]

    164. Fernando Alonso was the first Scuderia Driver to face the press in the grassy Albert Park paddock this afternoon. He began by reprising past statements [...]

    165. Fernando Alonso drives an F1, skis, does magic tricks, is a consummate cyclist… and in addition, photographer. Fernando jumps at the opportunity of taking photos [...]

    166. The 2012 world championship is about to start. A little more than 48 hours before the engines start roaring, Fernando is already in Melbourne prepared [...]

    167. Fernando Alonso has already arrived in Melbourne waiting for the 2012 season traffic light to turn green. The first thing that Fernando did when he [...]

    168. Fernando Alonso has just opened his official Twitter account (@alo_oficial) “Hello everybody!!! I invite you to know me better…! Let’s go…;)))!  “With these words Fernando [...]

    169. Fernando, who will be trying to win his third world title as of two weekends from now, when the new championship starts in Melbourne, admitted [...]

    170. Ferrari presented its new and ambitious race car named the F2012, which attracted the whole world’s attention due to its absolutely revolutionary design. Alonso admitted [...]

    171. Fernando Alonso has opened ‘Wrooom 2012′, Ferrari’s first pre-season event at Madonna di Campiglio in Italy. Alonso and his Brazilian teammate Felipe Massa, along with [...]