Hi all!

A little over two weeks since I left home to begin what I like the best: another season of Formula 1, the eleventh in my career, the third in the Scuderia Ferrari. Whit the same goal, the same fellow travelers, and plenty of anecdotes to come, the result of the passage of twenty different circuits, divided by nineteen different countries.

There are things of daily life of a Formula 1 driver that fans do not have access to know. This year I thought it would be a good idea to get close this invisible reality firsthand, and it premiered while I sat on the plane to leave for Australia, my Twitter account and Facebook, and renewed the website. Also join me in this new adventure as physiotherapists, Fabrizio Borra and Edoardo Bendinelli, and my manager Luis Garcia Abad. Three of the people who spend more time with me and they know best the world of Formula 1. Thus, information that you receive will be more complete.

Your support has been constant ever since, and it is something that I do not even know how to thank you. In just two weeks, you are almost 300,000 followers. How cool! It goes beyond, no doubt, any previous speculation. I have told you how we train, how we spend our time, who are my fellow travelers, what we eat, funny anecdotes and, of course, the day to day in the paddock and on the team.

We raffled a signed cap, which I have carried in the Malaysian Grand Prix, with which we won! And we will do something similar with 200,000, 300,000 … It will never be enough to give you back the spirit in which you help me to deal with each race´s weekend, so I thought to answer some of the messages I receive as it is the least I can do. During the Grand Prix is ​​an almost impossible task to perform, because, as you have seen, almost no unemployment! But I promise to do every so often.

I’m in Maranello with other team mates: Go F2012! We are very happy to win in Malaysia, but with your feet on the ground. There was no time for celebrations. We have to keep working!
Thank you all, trully. As I said in Sepang, in this great team that I have the honor to represent on the track, we all win and lose. You also suffer and laugh with us. We are all family ferrarista. So, a piece of trophy Malaysian Grand Prix is ​​yours, no doubt.

I leave you with some of your questions and my answers. And I hope the following. It was impossible to answer them all but certain that between now and Interlagos, I will have solved many of your questions. Restaurants, feelings, sensations in the car, Formula 1 recreation, fitness, my hobbies, what I dream at night, my favorite magic trick ……… After so many years, you still amaze me with questions that none had ever asked me. Here you have the answers! Hope you like them! And I accept suggestions!

Cristian Garcia @ Gallaeca

What is given to you to make an Asturian bean stew?

FA: To mother really great!! Before it was not a dish that I was actually delighted. Now … the truth is that I often miss it.

Ivan Ibarra @ Tali93

I wonder if when you travel to different circuits you take the Play with you to play with it a little while.

FA: Sure! heh heh heh. Especially when traveling outside Europe, I play loaded with laptop, computer games and more.

Marcos Huerta @ HuertaMarcos

What I would like to know is what did you feel when you won your first race in a kart and F1.

FA: The truth is that the kart I can not remember very well, as I was really young. In Formula 1 I felt a great joy and pride because I knew it was something that just going to remember for a lifetime.

Sal Castaneda @ elManchego

What is your favorite food in every country you visit?

FA: The food that the team cooks is usually the same in every race, regardless of the country where we are. A diet of pasta, vegetables, meat, fish and fruit. Outside the circuit, until the weekend comes, we usually go to a Japanese restaurant and a little more … They have us very controlled!

Javier @ jamaa

What can we do to help Ferrari to win?

FA: You already do everything you can do, supporting us at all times. That is perhaps the greatest strength of this team: being things good or bad the team always remains attached, also counting on the support of fans around the world.

Samuel Naughty @ XxqSAMUELpxX

I wonder what these changes are due after 10 years. Facebook Twitter … A hug XD

FA: There was a significant and unnecessary confusion as to where I was, with whom or why in recent months. Everyone felt free to say (even if it was true or not) and they confused you, people who follow my career. Also, I think is a fun way to use social networks.This is what I see during my workouts and my travels, and whom you find interesting, there you will have it available..
It is also true that Raquel del Rosario has long been trying to convince me. She knows how demanding and professional can be the life of a pilot, and how little it´s actually known.

lafamiliaencasa @ lafamiliaencasa

I would like to know, since a long time ago, how can you have sense of touch with both gloves to touch that many button on the car.

FA: The buttons are quite comfortable for activation; say there is rarely any problems. If you have trouble you modify it in any shape or size until you are comfortable.

José Sosa Cinnamon @ trainzportu

I wonder how are you able to motivate yourself having to run in those conditions.You must be desperate, right?

FA: The motivation or desire to win, is something that I wake up with the score “zero” every morning. I feel the same desire to win in any sport, race or game that I play every day.

siamlevante @ siamlevante

Who selects the talks we hear on television? # Forzaferrari

FA: If I understand correctly, the chosen people working in the FOM, which is responsible for retransmissions and then spends the most interesting cuts to television.

Carlos Velasco @ pedriza71

I like to know the training you do. Power and luck for the season, because apparently you will need so!

FA: We try to play all kinds of sports to keep a full fitness, with special attention to the neck and upper trunk, but the rest all normal. Our training is aimed at the resistance: cycling, running, swimming or cross-country skiing are the major sports, and then often as fun game we play tennis, soccer, paddle tennis, golf …

raulsoriac @ raulyvero1

Do you have three pedals as road cars? How embragais?

FA: We have two pedals. The clutch is offered by the wheel in one of the cams, but is only used to put out first and, then, to change it is not used.

Terence Grech @ TerenceGrech7

Fernando, I would like to know How your life is outside F1. The cars you drive … Thanks

FA: I do sports, go to the cinema, stay with family … Normal things I guess …! I have some cars to use Different, Normally Maserati or Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

miguel gordon @ miguelgafe

I wonder if you will continue driving at least until age 45. Fernando, without you the F1 would not be the same.

FA: I will be as competitive and I feel I can see and help the team to win. I hope there will be many years …

Aparicio Volta @ Aleix Aleix5Aleix

How many hours are you in the car? Why have you lost 15Km / h? Thanks

FA: In the car I am many hours, I think … but I have not counted among the test, racing and simulator, few days a year in which he is not trying something. We have a little car with top speed due usually to a less efficient aerodynamic than our rivals. For now!

Sandra Sanchez @ alisandra27

It’s great to have direct contact with you and know what you do and think about almost daily. I wonder what you do when you are no in races.

FA: As everyone does for their next job, preparing the next race. Other than that … I think a fairly normal life for a guy in his 30s.

Fabio Bonomo @ Fax3D

A mentresei pensi thing in court? Sei just concentrato your tracciato evettura or a pensiero ricorrente hai? Grazie!

FA: Dipende usually prossima pensi the curve, Farla a po ‘il più veloce che che hai last turn passato per quel point. Ma and vero che in qualche qualche test or a che prova lunga pensi questo giorno or l’altro lighthouse, devo fare seen Passaporto viaggio per prossimo … Sew standardized anche molto!

míticuchoni @ miticuchoni

How do you upload this, I am starving, lol. I thought you were eating more before the race, but it looks good.

FA: I always eat the same. It’s the same routine every Sunday of the year. Rice with vegetables, some ham and fruit. Usually always three hours before the GP

Gloria Tormo Batalle @ GloriaTormo

I love it, I feel you closer. For example: What comes to a pilot´s mind when you are in the box watching the times?

FA: You have the times and partials of all drivers: you compare, you look where you lose and where you win, how many tenths are separating you from the position you aspire … And while you decide on the radio the following change of alignment by your engineer.

ale92MilanoSpA @ ale92MilanoSpA

Qual’e the Velocita ‘che hai Massima raggiunto in f1?

FA: 372km / h at Monza.

yolanda @ yolandaymg

I can feel you close, which is important on twitter. I wonder if you have any questions that none have asked you.

FA: Many! In fact, some of the questions I’m answering right now is the first time that someone askes me.

Stephen Viso @ Estebano

I like what you contribute to. I especially would like to continue being sure that your motivation remains infinite.

FA: Do worry about that! Thanks!

Cristina Martinez @ littleboticaria

How do you feel about having so many followers so quickly?

FA: I’m surprised! When I upload the first video of welcome, we had four hours of waiting between flights to Australia. Right there I made a bet with my manager and my physio. The most optimistic was me, I bet we would go with 1,000 followers. Four hours later, we boarded the plane and … already had 39,000! Definitely a surprise.

Agustin Rodriguez @ agusnt1

I wonder how it feels before an exit, just before turning off the lights. Good luck and hit them hard Nano.

FA: We memorize a series of synchronized movements of clutch, throttle, transmission, kers and a rough idea of ​​the part of the first corner where you want to enter. No time to think about something other than this procedure …


He wanted to know something of those fabulous truck drivers. I know nothing about them.

FA: If you mean the truck drivers of the team, they are hard workers. They leave about a week before the race and get the motorhome mounted boxes and prepare for when the rest of the team is all set. As I said, they are really hard workers!

Cristian Garcia @ Gallaeca

One to which I have a lot of curiosity … What is your reaction time to a stimulus?

FA: For example, with respect to the traffic light at the start, the average of the last championship is about 185 mils. Training we do something less.


Could you tell us how you kill time when traveling?

FA: Books, games, cards, photos, friends …

Oscar Vieira @ BarnaBilbao

Can you tell us anecdotes that happened you with other F1 drivers?

FA: The truth is that it is with teammates with the ones that most stories I have, because we share much time together. But … most of them are personal stories!

Cris Rial @ ShianRobin

How is it to be every day in a different place? You do not have to know if you go up or you go down, right? hehe

FA: Well, you get used. They are schedule changes, weather, customs … And above all, from hotels! I spend many nights a year that, on waking, it takes you ten seconds to remember where were you!

mag @ mag27786166

If you insist … What do you have tattooed on your back? It looks like the ace of clubs backwards, ha ha.

FA: Every tattoo has a deeper meaning in the person, otherwise, would be worthless. I do not consider an aesthetic issue, is something that has to help you as a person. Everything I tattooed on my body will be very thoughtful before, with a meaning and a particular location. As you are curious, maybe one day I take a picture and I will show it to you. The meaning, I keep it to me, is personal. But always with a slogan: everything that I have is to honor my family, who are still here and those who are gone.

R. Castillo @ wandossell

How many tweets are Fernando and many of your community manager?

FA: All posts are mine, for better or for worse. Please be assured that would not let anyone write for me.

Paul Todd @ PaulTodd27

What’s your MOST satisfying overtaking move in F1? Where can I buy your flat peak trademark baseball cap?

FA: overtaking move … the start in Barcelona 2011 … That Was close! The cap, I hope it will be

Ruben Munoz @ rubenquattro

I would like to see exclusive images that have not been showed yet. What do you see mounted on the F2012? And inside the box?

FA: I will try to show something more from the box ..

gozatu.com @ gozatucom

What is your most recurrent dream while you sleep?

FA: Usually something related to what I’ve done that day. If you’ve ridden a bike, if I have seen football on TV …

John J. @ Gsi3079

Is it true that # Renault did not want to give you the F1 in 2006? Is it more difficult to get into F1 as a pilot or an engineer?

FA: It is not true. The McLaren was the one for the longest we had to wait, but now they all are.It’s harder to get as a pilot.

Jodie Phillips @ Jode74

What is your favourite card trick?

FA: Mmm … Invisible deck.

david @ drasmol chicharr cows

I wonder if things we sent from here really encourage you XD

FA: I read all I can. Of course that they motivate!

Eliseo Perez Carmona @ EliseopCarmona

I would love to know which cars have Fer in the garage of his home, But I guess too much to ask! Thank you!

FA: I have several, but which are normally used Alfa Romeo Giulietta and a Maserati.

Manuel darkgray @ ManuelDarkgray

We wonder if you read us, hahahaha! I guess I’ll stop. Good luck next weekend, Alonso!

FA: I read you as much as I can …